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Paperwhite Kokedama

Paperwhite Kokedama

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These Kokedama inspired, contemporary centrepieces feature paperwhite flowering bulbs. Intended to adorn your Holiday tablescapes.

‘Kokedama’ comes from the traditional art of Japanese Nearai Bonsai. Each piece is a living garden in its own ball of soil, wrapped in moss - Transforming a plant into a wabi sabi sculptured art form. 

To extend the bloom time, keep your paperwhite Kokedama in a cool location (about 18 degrees C) in bright indirect light. Hydrate by misting daily, keeping the live moss damp. Once the interior soil is dry to the touch, soak in a bowl of tepid water for two minutes and drain excess moisture in a colander. 

Paperwhites are from the genus Narcissus. These flowering bulbs give off a very potent and musky fragrance. All parts of the plant can be toxic if ingested, especially the bulb. Keep them away from children and pets.  

The examples pictured have not yet begun to bloom. 

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