Our Philosophy 

Using locally sourced bounty, our designs aim to embrace and celebrate seasonal ephemerality. The work we share is intended to ignite a connection to the natural world. 

In order to serve customers exotic varieties throughout the entire year, the global floral industry has developed through unethical and unsustainable means. Our industry contributes mountains of toxic waste towards landfills. Imported flowers generate tonnes of carbon emissions with long-haul transportation and necessary refrigeration. The rampant use of chemicals engaged for the preservation and the enhancement of imported blooms is woefully unlegislated. Along with the environmental effects, this poses dangerous health risks to labourers and neighbouring communities. As we learn more about the impact of our industry’s actions, we endeavour to continually review our relationship with flowers, our expectations and our professional practices. 

With this in mind, Ingénue is committed to seeking creative and circular ways in our approach to how we share in the joy of flowers. 

This includes; 

  • Employing foam - free mechanics.
  • Sourcing locally grown product.
  • Investing in the fertility, structure and health of the soil we farm on. 
  • Growing without the use herbicides and pesticides.
  • Limiting our use of peat moss whenever possible.
  • Ruling out the use of chemically dried, painted or dyed floral materials 
  • Eliminating single-use plastic materials in our design work and packaging. 
  • Paying mindful consideration towards all end-of-life waste scenarios. 

Our flowers are grown using regenerative floricultural processes, creating an intimate connection between material and design. We believe that we can best showcase delicate and unique varieties with farm fresh, lovingly cultivated product. Learning how to flower with the seasons, and echoing the rhythms of nature, is all in a heartfelt and passionate effort to protect our surrounding ecosystems.