If your arrangement arrives as a hand-tied bouquet, begin by removing any foliage or leaves that will fall below the water line in your vase. Carefully cut the stems on a 45-degree angle with your sharpest kitchen knife or clean garden shears. 

Top up with clean water often, or freshen up your arrangement every 1 to 2 days by flushing it under your tap until the water in the vase runs clear. Keep in mind that most flowers prefer room temperature water, while spring blooming bulbs prefer their water to be chilled. 

If your arrangement includes daffodils or icelandic poppies, do not recut their stems. These varieties will secrete a milky sap that can harm the other delicate blooms in your arrangement. 

Each of our arrangements have a unique ephemeral quality, and your blooms will continue to transform in the vase. No two varieties have the same vase life. Discard blossoms and stems as they wilt away to ensure the longevity of the other flowers in your arrangement. 

Display your flowers away from your fruits and vegetables, cool drafts, direct sunlight and other heat sources. 

Please be mindful of keeping your arrangements out of reach from small children and pets. Certain varieties, such as, Hellebores, Clematis, Lily of the Valley etc. can be harmful to our tiny companions.